NFU Mutual

Increasing direct home insurance sales through clever digital personalisation

My brief:

Response to NFU’s banker home insurance pack was beginning to decline, so I was brought in to review activity and propose possible improvements to improve sales for their direct home business.

Whilst discussing the brief, I gained an understanding that NFU targeted 14 different mosaic types of potential customer – but sent out a “one size fits all” generic pack. I felt getting under the skin of these sectors was a good starting point for looking at how we could improve performance.

"Results are still positive - variable digital packs are increasing response by 27% - much more on some cells!"

Octavia Perry

Direct marketing Executive

– National Farmers Union (NFU)


The Campaign:


The existing banker pack was very much feature rather than benefit lead and used a picture of a million pound plus value detached house. But, the Mosaic types NFU were targeting were varied and included segments such as Upland Struggle Farmers, Jack of all trades (tradesmen living in modest terraces or semi detached houses), Mid career climbers and (older) Parish guardians.

I looked at each type and categorized the people across 9 separate criteria I felt could be used as relevant variables to have an effect on response. The sorts of criteria included household type, age, leisure, social, family make up & financial position. This allowed me to decide whether factors such as value, quality, ease, cost etc. would be the most relevant trigger for them and then weave this into copy, headlines and tone of voice.

As the campaign was to promote household insurance covering buildings and contents, I was able to look at what house type would best match the group, what contents image would be best to include ie. gardening equipment and tools for older gardening interest segments, or home entertainment/computers for younger more affluent sectors.

The analysis of the mosaic types also allowed me to look at the most relevant cross sell messaging ie. Travel for those taking lots of short breaks and holidaying abroad, 4x4 insurance for farming segments and motor insurance for older couples who spent much of their leisure time visiting family or driving out for the day.

The test campaign ran for 4 months and allowed us to assess whether just new creative or whether targeted messaging/imagery had any impact on response.

The results:


An uplift to acquisition response rate of 27% on average with some of the cells with Quality or Individual messages performing much better.

The same exercise has now been commissioned for Motor Insurance renewals.

"This was a great project for me to get involved with, both strategically and creatively. It brought together everything that a direct marketer preaches, reviewing data then digitally targeting relevant creative, messages and imagery to specific different groups. "
"This truly was a 3D – (Data, Digital & Direct) approach in action."
Tim Barber


– Lightfish