Leeds City Leisure Services

A fitter way of acquiring new Bodyline gym memberships using personalized URLs…

My brief:

Leeds City Council’s Leisure Services division contacted me to explore whether digital personalization was something that we thought they could use to help with recruitment and retention of new Bodyline gym memberships.

With increased competition from independent gyms, Leeds City Leisure Services had been finding recruitment of new members harder, but had also had noticed more recently that drop off rates for memberships were starting to increase.

"The clever use of digital personalization and innovative PURL technology really brought this project to life, dramatically improving response for Leeds City Leisure Services"

Tim Quirke

Marketing Manager - Sports & Leisure

– Leeds City Council

The Approach:

Firstly, I looked at what sorts of people were already Bodyline members and what their gym usage was like? It turned out that there were many different types of member, of differing life stage using the gym in many different ways.

It also became apparent that there were different triggers to joining a gym and that an older person may not respond to the same messaging or imagery that a student would.

We decided that targeting relevant messages and imagery by 6 key test segments split by age and gender was the way forward. I was also able to look at both email and mailing data and split down geographically to target specific messages by individual leisure center and their facilities.

But the key to the success of the campaign was driving response to a Personalised URL (PURL). This added to the engagement of the initial campaign, and also welcomed people personally to their own website.

Once at the PURL, responders were taken through a journey where they were asked a series of questions about their specific requirements/interests. The  responses were recorded and passed onto the relevant local leisure centre. This personalised response collection would greatly help the sign up and conversion process.
The Campaign:

A series of Leeds City Leisure Services branded postcards and emails were created and sent to data files supplied from Experian.

The campaign launched the first week in January to capitalize on people’s desire to get fit as part of New Years resolutions.

The PURL was built by strategic partners Gecko, to take visitors to their own personalized website.

Stage 2 of the Project was to make the PURL even more interactive so it became an important part of the retention strategy, allowing the member to set goals, plot fitness, monitor weight and record activity.

The results:

The best January ever for Bodyline Gym recruitment at Leeds City Leisure Services. A fantastic result in such financially trying times.

The learning gained allowed us to develop the strategy and fine tune it to ensure improved response for future activity

"A great case study, proving the benefits that can be gained through using Personalised URL's (PURLs) as well as highly personalised on and offline communication"

Tim Barber Director

– Lightfish