Epilepsy action

Celebrating 60 years with innovative nostalgia based viral campaign

My brief:

Epilepsy Action were celebrating their 60 year diamond jubilee and wanted to use this landmark to leverage donations from data cells who had an association with the charity but were not donors.

I was contacted as Epilepsy Action wanted a fresh approach to their acquisition activity. With a limited budget the brief was to consider social media and online activity.

"An impressive piece of work to help promote our Diamond Jubilee. Creating a viral campaign helped us spread the word more widely than we expected and new donor acquisitions
were up!"

Diane Flatt Head of Marketing

– Epilepsy Action

The Approach

Firstly, I came up with a concept which was visually strong, relevant, memorable but could also be used across a range of media. But to maximize viral potential it also needed to be something where we could create a dialogue.

My winning concept was called Decades, where we looked back at the 6 decades that Epilepsy Action had spanned and highlighted key events or icons that signified that time period. We also highlighted key achievements that Epilepsy Action had made each decade.

A separate landing page with "Decade's" scroller was designed and set up to drive traffic to from the campaign.

The Campaign

Emails were targeted to different databases over a 6 month period –highlighting the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc. We also had a very strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. The strategy was to get people to vote for their favourite decade - with the aim of getting them to donate when they were on the site but by using a nostalgia theme to create viral noise.

We created a Facebook “Name the decade competition” and a "Which decade are you" game with the ability for people to forward to friends and post results on their wall.

Regular updates online, via email and Facebook as to the current favourite decade l helped keep momentum with the campaign.

The results:

An impactful, memorable six month campaign which lead to recruitment of new donors and converted some existing Epilepsy Action supporters into actual financial donors.

The learning gained allowed us to develop the strategy and fine tune it to ensure improved response for future activity.