Engage Mutual

Launching a new health cash plan sub brand with a look and a smile!

My brief:

Life insurance and savings plan provider Engage Mutual had recently bought a business selling Health Cash Plans and wanted to create a sub brand to market the product to their existing members.

I had been working with the Engage brand for a number of years so knew what parameters I could work within in terms of creative and tone, as well as knowing the different profiles of their customers. 

"Tim is a highly personable and creative person, who takes time to understand and challenge the clients needs in order to deliver the optimal solution."

Karl Elliott

Marketing Director

– Engage Mutual

The Campaign:


The Approach

For the Health Cash Plan product – the first step was to really familiarize myself with its features, immerse myself in research and Mintel reports and understand what were the heirachy of benefits within the plan.

This helped define the brief for the initial brand work before we started developing specific items.

With the 2 key features of the plan being the ability to claim dental and optical costs back – we came up with the simple but clear sub brand of “Look and Smile”

Project Management

Once the Look and Smile concept had wiped the floor with the other agencies concepts, we set about producing specific items both for consumer and worksite markets.

I project managed the production of over 40 on and offline elements of collateral and marketing literature – including direct mail packs, emails, posters, adverts and inserts. Being a new product for Engage there was much compliance involvement but with my financial experience, I was able to make sure initial copy and concepts only had minimal compliance amends.

Stage 2 of the project was looking at targeting specific messages relevant to different target groups, for example their was no point leading on free child cover to the Over 60’s.

The results:

A successful launch achieved within agreed timescales

"A clever sub brand which worked well across consumer and business marketing to communicate the key benefits of dental and optical treatments for Engage's new Health Cash Plan. "

Tim Barber


– Lightfish