The Guaranteed Fund Selection

Our brief

Aviva, one of the UK’s leading life and pensions companies has been a client of mine from Norwich Union days.

Aviva previously had a Guaranteed Fund where 100% of the money invested was guaranteed. As expected this Fund had appealed to risk adverse investors but did limit growth potential. What Aviva were planning to do, was to launch two more funds as a portfolio, one where 90% of the investment was guaranteed the other 80%.

The idea was to widen the appeal of the Guaranteed portfolio to appeal to people prepared to accept a higher level of risk in exchange for greater reward potential. My brief included coming up with an overall concept for the Fund selection portfolio which clearly communicated the differing level of risk and reward.

There were a wide range of deliverables from Collateral, B2B IFA advertisements, POS and online banners.

Our Approach

I was invited along to an Aviva research feedback session where key insights into the groups of potential customers could be gained. This helped with the pulling together of my creative brief and really getting to grips with the product.

Using our understanding of the Aviva brand and with our strategic thinking caps on, 4 creative concepts and rationales were presented back to Aviva. My winning concept centered around 3 groups of walkers/hikers - the experienced couple heading for the higher risk, high level path, the intermediate walkers following a more sensible path and the casual walkers following a safe, low level streamside route .

It was felt that using a signpost pointing towards the 3 routes and differentiating the types of people via their dress and which route they were planning to take was a clever way of representing acceptance of risk, (but the reward of better views also increased exponentially with risk!.)

Making it happen

Once the concept had been approved I had to bring it to life from the initial scamped visuals. A photo shoot was arranged in The Lake District, models booked, location researched and photography was art directed.

Getting the copy right was one of the key elements with this project and I worked closely with the product team and compliance, as well as a freelance copywriter to ensure that the campaign objective were met whilst clearly communicating the different products potential benefits and risk.

The list of campaign deliverables was prioritized and project managed successfully to meet a tight launch date. I  liaised with Aviva online teams, external publications and print managers to smoothly manage what ended up as a huge project.


  • Feedback from the market has been very positive to the Guaranteed fund selection with IFA’s now having a wider choice of funds to offer their clients
  • Additional sales have increased in line with expectations
  • I received a big pat on the back from the Campaign team for our smooth project management.


"Thank you for all your hard work in helping s keep us on track with the Guaranteed Fund Selection project. We’re really pleased with the outcome and it has gone down really well internally"

Gwen Warrilow


- Senior Communications Consultant

"A really satisfying project to get involved with from initial brief to completion of a multi faceted, high profile campaign. There were trying times like when the heavens opened for 3 hours on the photo shoot in The Lakes – but the end result was a something that I am really proud of."

Tim Barber